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Where is and how to reach the Hermitage over the Sea.

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Where is and how to reach the “Hermitage over the Sea”

The Hermitage is about 500 m from the railway station, along the “Blue Path”, which connects Vernazza and Corniglia. The path is steep, and has many steps. Going uphill takes 12-15 minutes walk, down 6-7.

The path between Vernazza and the Hermitage over the Sea

The path between Vernazza and the Hermitage over the Sea.

Leave the station (1), go on about 30 mt. uphill, take a small stair (about 10 concrete steps) on the right of “Pensione Sorriso” (2). Go on for about 50 mt. towards a small valley (3). On your way you'll find the stair to the upper cilindrical stone tower (4). Now you are on the side overlooking the open sea. Go on for about 3 minutes, the path is quite narrow and amazingly scenic. You will meet a wooden hut where you will be asked for a ticket for entering the National Park, but our guests are exempted for the route up to the Hermitage (5). 50 m past the hut a small green door will lead you to the hermitage: on the wall, to the left of the door, there is an image dated 1961. Another stair to the rock peak and you are there (6).

If you start your walk from the village place, by the chemist's shop (A), you'll see a sign “per Corniglia”. Following it, after about 100 mt. you are at the stairs to the “Torre”.

Where the Cinque Terre are

Where the Cinque Terre are.

The situation requires comfortable shoes and essential luggage.

How to reach Vernazza

It's easy and fast to arrive to Vernazza by train.
By car you have to come down to the valley from the “Cinqueterre Road”.

The Ligurian highway network

The Ligurian highway network.


There is a parking lot about 800 m. from the village with shuttle service. The one closer to the village is for residents only.
The other parking lot is near the bar.
During the holiday season (most of the year) it is reserved for the residents.