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Bed and breakfast at “The Hermitage over the Sea”

An exclusive stay in a villa nested on a rocky promontory on the sea, hidden into a thick of pinetrees, holm-oaxes and cypresses near Vernazza, in the middle of the gulf of Cinque Terre. An extraordinary experience for those who love a gorgeous and pure nature.

The house is large, comfortable, and fully furnished. Three air-conditioned double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, two large living rooms with fireplace, a large panoramic terrace are at our guests' disposal.

The Hermitage over the Sea during its refurbishment

From the Hermitage you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sea and the Cinque Terre. On clear days it's easy to see in the distance Corsica and Capraia islands.

It's quite often possible, in winter time, to notice not far from the coast, a rippling somewhere in the distance: the cetaceans are there. In fact, the Cinque Terre belong to the newly established “Cetacea Sanctuary” between Capo Corso and the Ligurian gulf.
It's always a deep emotion to watch a big cetacean or the joyful jumping of a shoal of dolphins. But the strongest emotion is to look up at the deep darkness of the sky at night: an incredible crowded sky, quivering with brightness and energy.

From the “Blue Path” at the feet of the Hermitage you can walk among huge euphorbias and american agaves down to the lonely rocks, to enjoy the endeless cobalt blue shades of the sea.